Redevelopment Of Smart Road “janpath”, In Bhubaneshwar Town Center District

Client : RKD Construction (P) Ltd

Site Location : Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Project Type : Smart City Project: Road Redevelopment

Project Area : 60 m ROW, 5.0 km

Project Cost : 80 cr

Project Status : Ongoing

Scope of Services : Comprehensive Design Consultancy Services: Urban Design, Road Engineering & Infra Works, Landscape & Electrical Design

Project Brief :

Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited, is engaged in the development of Bhubaneswar Town Centre District (BTCD) area under the implementation of Smart City Proposal of Bhubaneswar. As a part of the smart city proposal, it is proposed to undertake Redevelopment of Janpath Road falling under BTCD area from Vani Vihar Chowk to Shishu Bhawan Chowk

“Redevelopment of Janpath Road (5.8 Kms) including Streetscape Design, Beautification, Landscaping, Intersection Redesign, and Infrastructure Upgrades in the city of Bhubaneswar” has been awarded as an Engineering, Procurement, Construction (“EPC”) Tender

“Public Centric Urbanism”- VKu in collaboration with RKD team is involved in finalizing & detailing the schemes as per IBI Street Masterplan for the project. The scope is divided into two major component viz. 1) Technical component- Road Engineering & Infra Works, 2) Urban Design Interventions.

The objective is to promote inclusive development of urban spaces that provide core infrastructure & give a decent quality of life to its users, a clean & sustainable environment & application of ‘Smart Solutions’. Also, to promote locally available, practically workable & economically affordable solutions for the execution of the project.

Key Words : Smart City Development,Child friendly streets, Universal Accessibility, Pedestrian friendly streets