About VK:u

Vk: u is a multidisciplinary urban planning and urban design firm providing innovative, unique and smart solutions for a wide range of urban and infrastructure development projects. We believe in people centric urbanization and provide design for the betterment of community and hence the people. With our expertise in the field we are rapidly expanding and also making a mark at the global level.

Why VK:u?

Our ability equips us to address the social, physical, environmental and economic aspects of urban development in a fully integrated manner.


Touching lives for the better


Building sustainable communities


At Vk:u urban, we believe in people Centric Urbanism. We design places and spaces that bring our  vision to life and enrich the lives of those who experience our work. We have a multidisciplinary approach to create a sustainable society where improved quality of life, vibrant community spaces and intelligent comprehensive transport planning is enabled by innovative and durable solutions. We aim to connect people, places and spaces  through urban planning and design, Integrated township planning, landscape planning and Transformative Urbanism. We aspire to create not only safe and comfortable environment but also with character and story because great places don’t just happen, they are born of a thoughtful vision and intelligent design.